Year-by-Year MVP's, LVP's, etc...


MVP - JC (beat Shimo in singles)

LVP - Koz


MVP - Egan (beat Shimo in singles)


Rösted - Koz

2007 - 1st year of Match play (Credit to Tall Glavin for the change)

MVP - Chip / Egan

LVP - Egan

Winning Captain - Nate

Losing Captain - Nardi


MVP - Shimo

LVP - Nate

Winning Captain - Rod

Losing Captain - Glavs


MVP - Smoothie


DB - Bisaillon (1st purple jumpsuit)

Winning Captain - Smoothie

Losing Captain - Caliento

Rosted - Guts



LVP - Chip

DB - Smoothie

Winning Captain - Smitty

Losing Captain - Seth

Rosted - Chip

Dickhead – GUTS



LVP - Nelly

DB - Nardi

Winning Captain - Boy

Losing Captain - Koz

Rosted - Rod

Stix (Iraqi seal team) 



LVP - Guts / Egan co-LVP's 

DB - Lutz

Winning Captain - JJ

Losing Captain - Guts

Rosted - Shimo


MVP - MacLovin

LVP - Shims

DB - Stearns

Winning Captain - Dug

Losing Captain - B

Rosted - Caliento / Shimo / TBD…?

Charities - $5,000 to Autism Speaks, $1620 to JDRF


MVP - Shims

LVP - Petey, Smitty, Nutty

DB - Stearns

HoF DB - Stearns

Winning Captain - Stix

Losing Captain - Malcom

Real Co-MVPs - Leather Vests and Lifesize Stearns

Rosted - Stearns HoF / O8 / Big 3

Charities - $2800 to Jeff Collins, $800 to Rainbows plus undisclosed amount from captains bet


Winner - YGs

Winning Captain - Snaps

MVP - Nate dawg 

Losing Captain - G$

LVP - former Worlds #1 and disgraced ex-food czar JC

MVT (most valuable TKE) - Burrows for showing up a day late I think 

DB - The Walrus 

Brother of the week - JJ for coordinating Steve's party

Rosemary Award - Casey and Nards

WCS Lifetime Achievement Awards - Guts for being in a time machine. Dug for making the video.

iMope (Rory) modernizes trip with Golf Genius app 

Charity - $2600 to St. Jude's from YGs

$1000 to starving children from OGs

$360 split to each from iMope & crew scramble winners


Winner - The VARSITY

Winning Captain - Shimo

MVP - Rod 

Losing Captain - Kenny

LVP - Dudash

MVT (most valuable TKE) - Burrows. 2 years running.

DB - Dug

Brother of the week - Shimo

Charity -  "WCS for ALS research" in honor of Shimo's friend Pat Tvrdik. The VARSITY contributed $2600

$1000 from the JV Team to "WCS for ALS research"

$1000 from Nate Dog personally to "WCS for ALS research"

$360 from freeganTV also went to ALS

$8110 in total went to ALS in honor of Shimo’s friend Pat Tvrdik (Malcom, AD, Komar personal contributors)


Winner - The TITANS

Winning Captain - Petey


Losing Captain - Nelly

LVP - Kenny

MVT (most valuable TKE) - Burrows. 3-peat.

LVT - Grady. 3-peat.

DB - Grandpa Jakes

Brother of the week - Komar

NardZZZ Award: Nards

Florist of the Year:  Slots and New Florist, Kyle Cassidy

Steve Burrows Fitness Award Winner: Malcom

Charities - $3000 from the TITANS to: "Spectrios Institute for Low Vision

$1000 from Team Full Nelson to: “K9’s for Warriors”


Winner:  Team Chip

Winning Captain:  Chip.  Only undefeated Hilding Captain.  

MVP:  Barger (even though he was on the losing team)

Losing Captain:  Nate Dawg. Lifetime record 1-1.  


MVT:  JP (stole from reigning MVT Burrows with 20 second video)

LVT:  I think this was determined before we got there

DB:  Chip for doing normal Chip stuff…weird.

Brother of the week:  Nate for torturing Chip his entire life

WCS Brother of the week:  Nelly for being a tough SOB and hanging out with and even buying booze for 35 drunks. He should be all-time brother of the week!  Thanks Nelly!

Rosemary Award - Nards 

iMope of the Year - Nutty for a glitch free Golf Genius app in 2018

Official WCS Florist - Nutty, Slots, and Chins - 3-way-tie

Best Team video: Team Nate - “Natey Blinders”

Best NECK: freezerNECK

Best New Technology: WCS Echo 

Least Creative Team Name: Team Nate

2nd Least Creative Team Name: Team Chip (at least he used his nickname)

Pablo Escobar Award:  Kenny

Back from Exile:  Reinstated Food Czar Jason “prime rib” Caliento

WCS Dream Boy:  Nate Dawg

Steve Burrow’s Fitness Award Winner:  Koz

Newest TKE:  Koz

Corporate Douche:  Chip

Most Outstanding Asian Award:  Shimo, Shims, Grandpa Shims, Shimakooey, Kooey, Kim-Jong-Kooey, Mr. Fuji, Mr. Miyagi, Subordinate

2019 Captains:  Casey and Chad


$3600 to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's in honor of Big R from Captains.

$1080 from Gramps Open practice round winners.

TOTAL Raised: $12,000!!!

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