the History of OGs vs. YGs

In 2007, current World's #1, Mike Glavin, persuaded the ASC to move to a Ryder Cup Format. 

Old Guys against Young Guys was an obvious division for teams. 

Nate Hilding and Mark Nardi were tapped to be the inaugural captains. Hence, the silhouette of each in last years logos. 

YGs Team was known as Rosemary's Stew. 

OGs were known as the (slightly less creative) OGs. 

With the score tied at 15 a piece...Captain Nards gave the nod to Egan to face Yux in a sudden death playoff. Egan's performance earned him MVP honors that year...for the YOUNG GUYS. He was also given the nickname "clutch" by his own team. 

Obviously, the Young guys prevailed. 

2008 was the year of Shorty Jones.

Rod vs. tall. 

Rematch of Old and Young. 

This time the OGs come in with the OGC (Old Guys Crew) monicker. And not-HOF golfer Chris Bisaillon's unorthodox golf swing was the logo.  

Zero suspense. OGC takes down Rosemary and her stew. Captain Rod wins 23 to 13. Shimo even played the final round with only a seven iron and putter. Tall suffers worst loss in WCS history...only to be outdone a few years later by his brother GUTs who lost by an astounding 13 points. 

Series tied at 1-1. 

But because of the complete ass kicking the YGs were handed, the ASC decided to shelve the YG vs OG teams. It just wasn't competitive. 

In comes Komar. Snaps. AD. Young guys now have some serious firepower. The aging Tiger Woods (Shimo) of the WCS is met by Ricky, Jordan, and Rory...

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OGs vs YGs is back on. In 2015, the ASC taps G$ and Snaps to bring the rivalry back to life. They comes down to the final match. Despite turning into a much older version of the Jakes we were used to the previous few years, SNAPs get the job done. Young guys prevail 25 1/2 to 24 1/2. 

Series 2-1 in favor of the Young Guys. 

So in 2016, it's only fitting the ASC choose the guy who was the longest reigning Worlds #1 to Captain the OGs. Shimo. For the Young Guys...the obvious choice was golf purist and cab driver aficionado, Ken Henricks. A guy considered to be SNAPS before there even was a SNAPS. 

2016 LOGO

2016 quickly became known as the Year of the Purists.  Kooey vs. Kenny. The Varsity vs. The JV. 

And when the Varsity plays the JV…what usually happens?  

Yup…and true to form The JV played more like the Freshman C team on Saturday…losing the session 13.5 to 4.5.  Corndog was 22% of their point production in singles.  

So here we are…all tied up 2-2.  

This is not over.  A rubber (pun intended) match is not far away.

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