2019 World Ranking Observations

  • And STILL:  World’s #1…..SNAPS!!
  • 1st place loser: The current World’s #2 is the former World’s #1 and Sandbag HOF’er.  Tall Mike.  Look out in 2020 Snaps!
  • Most Improved and Life-size MVT:  Grady.  World’s #3 and knocking on the door for 2020 World’s #1. 
  • “Self described” New Egan: Grandpa Shims is World #36…WTF?  Rumor has it, Chip called his subordinate and ordered him to lose so he’d be ranked higher.  Obviously, Shimo is a good subordinate. 
  • Actual New Egan:  Egan actually won a match and is ranked 20th.  The drought is over!  Don’t worry, He’ll start a new one next year.  True story…wife said before he left: “I hope you win A match this year.”
  • Pat Casey: who the fuck cares if he ever wins another match.  He is the WCS GOAT.  There is no debate. 
  • Mr. Consistent:  Just like those whole life premiums he collects every month…Nelly always in Top 10 of the world rankings
  • W3:  Only guy really representing is Corndog. He’s ranked 41st with 0.5 world ranking points.  Other 2 guys are getting in shape and good at golf.  
  • Marcus:  Speaking of the W3…he’s making a strong case to be re-initiated. Fallen to World’s #33 along with well documented “issues”. 
  • Fired:  The Highlands has let Patrick go for his association with Marcus.
  • Biggest move up the board:  Hooks. #26 and LVP last year. 5-0 and #5 this year.  Will 2020 be his year at #1…?
  • Ask STEVE:  Need help with your golf game?  Ask Steve.  On second thought, don’t…he was 1-4-0 and World’s #27.  He’s terrible.  He also recommended shorting Amazon at $100. Just closed at $1,620.  He does have good hair though. 
  • TACO:  Rumor has it…G$ is the new owner of the TACO Costume with the worst team record of 2-10
  • #SmitBag:  He took the Dream Crazy video to heart.  He really is trying to be the worst golfer ever.
  • Short fat sweaty bald guy:   Yes, Freezer banged Rhonda in college.  Hahahahaha!
  • Life-Size World’s #1:  Grady.  Ask Steve & Stearns not much competition.  

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The WCS Official Statistician - ROTARY MIKE Glavin.  Aka: Tall.  Aka: Jones.  Aka: Glavs.  Aka: One Hit Wonder

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