Typical WCS Format:

Day 1

AM Matches -  Best-Ball      

PM Matches -  Scramble   

Day 2  

AM Matches - Best-Ball      

PM Matches - Scramble  

Day 3  

Matches - Singles 

Singles Matches Selection Rules: 

Losing team gets 1st picks equal to the number of points they’re losing by.    

Example: If the score is 15-13...the losing team gets the 1st 2 picks and then it alternates by 1 from there.

The winning team then gets to pick the 1st foursome.  It will then alternate by 1 from there.  When a team selects a foursome, they also choose the tee time order of that foursome.  

If there are 7 foursomes...they choose 1 thru 7 to determine the order of play.

*Or say fuck it and just announce matches as 2015 Captains G$ and SNAPS did.*

Team Selection - Draft Rule Proposal 

It has been brought to the Anonymous Steering Committee that WCS implement the Koz-Bisaillon Draft rules going forward.  This has been rejected.  The ASC has decided that the Captains will remain the ultimate decision makers.  If they choose to hold a draft...fine, but it will not be a rule.  They can devise teams any way they choose.  They can also postpone decision until after the current trip.

*ASC can also bully captains into a decision with 3-2 vote*

Team Selection - if there is a Draft

If there is a draft (Captains decision), the Captain with the higher handicap at the time of the draft gets the 1st choice.  Basically, the shittier golfer gets his choice of which pick he wants. The 1st (Shimo) and 4th picks…or 2nd and 3rd picks. 

Handicapping the matches:

We will also use the USGA’s Guidelines to handicap our matches.  It clearly states that 100% of a players course handicap is to be used for the best ball (Technically called “Four-Ball Match Play”) and singles formats.

Four-Ball Match Play (What we call - 2 Man Best-Ball) Allowance: The Course Handicap of all four players is reduced by the Course Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. Each of the three other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference. (See Decision 9-4a/2, 9-4a/3)

Singles Match Play: Allowance: The higher-handicapped player receives the full difference in Course Handicap between the two players; the lower-handicapped player plays from scratch. (See Decision 9-4a/1.)

2 Person Scramble:  30% of A-golfer, 20% of B-golfer course handicaps

3 Person Scramble: 30% of A-golfer, 20% of B-golfer, 10% of C-golfer course handicaps

The USGA does not have an official rule on 2-person or 3 Person scramble matches.    

Therefore, our Handicap Czar, Kenny, has scoured the globe for a solution and has settled on his own rule to balance out the complaints about handicaps.  All complaints are to be directed his way.  He will likely tell you to go fuck yourself, because that’s what Czars do.  

Handicap Index - How it’s applied:

Thanks to newly appointed “Handicap Czar”, Kenny, we have made an adjustment to the way players are handicapped.  We will will follow USGA guidelines and calculate “course handicaps” based on each players current handicap index they keep online.  This will actually help high handicappers, because your course handicap goes up exponentially the harder the course (according to it’s slope rating).  

USGA Rule on entering scores for handicap - Page 8 of USGA Reference Guide

“Post scores in all forms of competition: match play, stroke play, and team competitions where players play their own ball”   This means we’ll be asking for your score in 3 of the 5 matches you’re playing in.  Enter them in MyScorecard sandbaggers!  

WCS Rule on Inclement Weather 

Thank you to Anonymous Steering Commitee Consultants JJ and Guts for their work on this.

**Captains can agree to override any rule below**

Consensus of all 4 players in foursome will determine to continue or stop.  In the event of disagreement, the most senior pro in clubhouse will determine to suspend or continue play due to weather or darkness based on local (course) established rules for tournaments…not just if they will allow play to continue.  Either captain can request a ruling at any time.  In the event of horn, play is automatically suspended immediately.  In the event of club pro making judgment to stop play based on weather/darkness, all foursomes that were not in agreement will complete the hole they are on.  If foursomes agreed to continue play and the course will allow, they can continue.  

We will wait out all weather delays indefinitely.  In the event that weather delay causes us to be in the clubhouse during the beginning of afternoon matches and course can accommodate our group to tee off on time, any suspended morning matches will be final.  In the event that we had play suspended, but have resumed play, groups will complete morning matches and then begin afternoon matches upon completion of morning matches. 

Good faith or Intentional delay clause:  In the event of delay, any match can request a slow rule play established requiring each hole to be completed within 15 minutes of teeing off excluding any delays caused by foursome in front of them or other reasonable delay. Loss of hole will result if in violation of 15 minute rule.  Bottom line: don't drag your feet to squeek out a win you fuck sticks.  Man up and play the game with integrity.

Drink Rule:  Losing team in a suspended match buys all drinks for winning team in same match with no limit during the delay.  (individual matches not overall team lead)  Winning player at the time can elect not to enforce if this causes some cheap fuck to want to continue play in a hurricane.

Ultimately, matches are considered final regardless of hole with normal points being awarded.  

Tie Breaker

The Captains are responsible for determining this and agreeing to this prior to the start of competition.  


Going forward, all USGA rules will be followed for everything.  There will be no debate.  This is the best way to take all opinion and guessing out of the process for the many years (decades) we’ll be doing this.  

Belly Putters are Oficially Banned by the ASC

Because they’re fucking ridiculous

WCS Attire rule:  

White Belts should only be worn by the best players in the world.  Most of us hacks have no business wearing them.  As such, only the World's #1 and #2 ranked players can wear white belts.  For 2017, this means only Rod and Stix aka: Honey & Sweets.  Sorry Shims…win more matches and you can put it back on someday.

Wrestling Ban:  

Underware / Shirtless Wrestling only permitted in Omaha or on O8 sanctioned trip.  


Cannot go outside…ever again.

Mopes:  Not allowed

Nude pretend tennis:  

Strongly encouraged.

Driving on 18th green with cart:  

Perfectly acceptable if you feel it was the golf courses fault for putting the green in the wrong place...

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