2017 Rooming

This year, we’ll have slightly different rooming arrangements. In the past we had the big ORIABI Suite and paired up in “Adobe Traditional Double Queen” villas. They have been made famous for their “patio parties” thrown by Guts, Malcom, Stix, Tall and JJ.  We still have 3 of those.  So don’t worry patio partiers…you still have a home.  We won’t have the mac daddy ORIABI Suite this year, but most of us should be grouped together in the same area in “Fairway” villas.  Who knows, we may like it better.  

Here’s the breakdown by room type: 

13 (2 person) Fairway Double Queen

1   (2 person) Fairway King

1  (2 person) Fairway Suite

3  (2 person) Adobe Traditional Double Queen

Captains will be assigning you to a room, so if you have a preference…let them know.


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