Official WCS World Ranking Methodology

The Anonymous Steering Committee has tried to pattern all of the rules we follow after USGA established guidelines.

Our player ranking system will, therefore, be patterened after the world ranking system used to rate the performace level of professional golfers.  The Official World Golf Ranking was introduced in 1986 and is endorced by all 4 major championships and 6 major professional tours.  

The method of calculation of the rankings has changed considerably over the years.  Initially, the rankings were calculated over a three year period, with the current year's points multiplied by four, the previous year's points by two and the third year's points by one.  For simplicity sake, this is the methodology we will follow.  

Ultimately, the rankings should be more reflective of "current performance" just as The Official World Golf Rankings are.  Tom Watson has 8 majors and 39 wins (11th all time) but he is not the 11th ranked player in the world.  

"You are what your WCS World Ranking says you are"  - Bill Parcells


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