MyScorecard is sort-of the official handicap service of the WCS. 

21 of us (sort of) use it: Komar, Egan, Snaps, Kenny, Smoothie, Yux, Dusty, Twalk, Nards, Stix, B, Tall, Petey, Nelly, Guts, Rory, Smitty, Seth, Rod, Casey, Malcom 

Additional USGA Handicapping services being used:

Chicago District Golf Association |  Koz, Caliento, Nate, Chip, Anthony, Bisaillon, Dudash, Burrows, Grady, Freezer, JJ, Barger

Southern California Golf Association | Brian Dew

Indiana Golf Association | Doug Macomber

Nebraska Golf Association | David Shimokawa

These 2 guys do not keep a handicap anywhere:

Corndog, Chad Nugent


Complaints about handicaps should be directed to the WCS Handicap Czar, Ken Henricks.


Some Helpful USGA Links:

Are you INFLATING your handicap?  

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