2018 Recap

Winner:  Team Chip

Winning Captain:  Chip.  Only undefeated Hilding Captain.  

MVP:  Barger (even though he was on the losing team)

Losing Captain:  Nate Dawg. Lifetime record 1-1.  


MVT:  JP (stole from reigning MVT Burrows with 20 second video)

LVT:  I think this was determined before we got there

DB:  Chip for doing normal Chip stuff…weird.

Brother of the week:  Nate for torturing Chip his entire life

WCS Brother of the week:  Nelly for being a tough SOB and hanging out with and even buying booze for 35 drunks. He should be all-time brother of the week!  Thanks Nelly!

Rosemary Award - Nards 

iMope of the Year - Nutty for a glitch free Golf Genius app in 2018

Official WCS Florist - Nutty, Slots, and Chins - 3-way-tie

Best Team video: Team Nate - “Natey Blinders”

Best NECK: freezerNECK

Best New Technology: WCS Echo 

Least Creative Team Name: Team Nate

2nd Least Creative Team Name: Team Chip (at least he used his nickname)

Pablo Escobar Award:  Kenny

Back from Exile:  Reinstated Food Czar Jason “prime rib” Caliento

WCS Dream Boy:  Nate Dawg

Steve Burrow’s Fitness Award Winner:  Koz

Newest TKE:  Koz

Corporate Douche:  Chip

Most Outstanding Asian Award:  Shimo, Shims, Grandpa Shims, Shimakooey, Kooey, Kim-Jong-Kooey, Mr. Fuji, Mr. Miyagi, Subordinate

2019 Captains:  Casey and Chad


Charity - 

$3600 to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's in honor of Big R from Captains.

$1080 from Gramps Open practice round winners.

TOTAL Raised: $12,000


Random facts you may have missed...

  1. Life-size Grady is actually bigger than human Grady
  2. JPs iPhone photos/videos are better than yours
  3. Malcom’s room was in Lebanon 🇱🇧 
  4. Grady and Stearns fly free as long as you duck tape them together and put through SWA curb side baggage check 
  5. The WCS Echo might replace the iMope.  WCS now working on autonomous golf cart.  
  6. McDermott & Mirotic stink at golf but are great at Hijinks
  7. Sunset Yux was voted 2018 best sunset pic…sorry Nards.
  8. Mr. Mark Nardi received a complimentary cheese plate from the Wigwam.  Congrats!
  9. Shimo needs to make an appointment with Petey the dentist 
  10. Dick straws, dick tattoos, dick rings, dick cozies made an appearance in 2018.  Do we need a dick Czar?
  11. Rhonda is sorta hot.  WTF did I just type?  She’ll always be the short fat sweaty bald guy...and Freezer is not getting brother of the week for “photoshopped Rhonda”
  12. Chad Nugent tells short stories
  13. Barger taught us how an MVP should be nominated
  14. SNAPs was back!…but Grandpa Jakes still made an appearance
  15. Koz is really good at arm-wrestling…girls
  16. Shimo and Egan went 0-5…one of them was not expected.  Guess which one?


Line of the Week (aka…a round of golf with the Guts-Malcom Party Boat)

Malcom: (after hearing JP just took a pain killer)…”I’d suck dick for some Norco”

Guts: “I’d rather have her get an abortion than have sex with you”

In response to Chad’s offer to come to J-ville to pleasure Mrs. Guts while she’s pregnant 

Egan: Malcom who won that hole…you or Guts?

Malcom: Morbidly obese fat ass beat regular fat ass.  

Translation: Malcom won the hole

JP:  Grady had to sleep in the closet in Scotland because Burrows snores so bad.  

Malcom: “he should have just put him in a dresser drawer”...”OK push me in Burrows...it’s time for bed”

It was suggested JP show some of his iPhone photos to make a case for MVT...

Guts: Yeah, what’s Burrows going to show us...the Dominos app?

JP: Brought up the “landscape vs. portrait” video where Bisaillon can’t dunk

Egan: You think Bisaillon is the least athletic HOFer?

Malcom:  he’d be the least athletic in the Darts HOF

Malcom: I'm working on the Shit trifecta this week.

I’ve shit in an airplane bathroom 

I’ve shit in a strip club bathroom

I need a construction site port-a-potty to shit the trifecta

Guts: Floated the idea about North siders vs. South siders for future team idea

Malcom: What side would Shims be on?

Guts:  south side…because there’s more north siders

Malcom:  Yeah, but North Korea is on the North Side. 

Guts to JP:   If we all throw in $100 and a couple of dances at the nudes can you blow up the company?  

Maybe sell it to China to totally fuck Grady....

Nate:  He is one of the most generous guys I’ve ever met.  Do you know how many blow jobs he gave me as a kid?

Chip:  (in response)  I’ve only given 2 blow jobs in my life.  


A special thanks to:

  • Casey & Komar for cleaning the Oriabi before departing on Sunday
  • Captains Nate and Chip for everything they did this year
  • Nards and Tall for an anonymous reason
  • Dug for dugTV and WCS echo invention
  • Smitty for his revolutionary new product
  • 36 for 36 actors:  Koz, Guts, Dug, Shimo, Corndog, Dusty, Twalk, The Walrus
  • Malcom & Guts for Party Boat lines of the week
  • Nate for bulling Matt his entire life
  • Fat Matt for being my favorite “Matt” in the “Hey Brother” video

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