2016 JC-SMOOTH WCS Practice Round - 12:45pm - Heritage Course


Welcome to the JC-Smooth 2016 WCS Practice Round, sponsored by Mensa.

Mensa:  We are smarter than you.

...and by Tito’s Vodka,

...ensuring that we won’t be today.

In 2009, JC & Smooth revolutionized the WCS Draft with a proprietary algorithm designed and tested to bring competitive parity to the WCS teams.  After 3 days, and 90 holes of golf, JC’s team Rolling Rock, and Smooth’s Hazy Hills All Stars stood tied.  Smoothy hit a 1 in 1000 shot on the second playoff hole and ended the match.  The algorithm worked as designed, and was later adopted by NASA for balancing the propulsion of satellite payload deployments. 

The 2016 WCS Practice Round will reunite those teams and using the storied algorithm, we have drafted 10 incremental players.   

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