2015 Recap

Winner - YGs

Winning Captain - Snaps

MVP - Nate dawg 

Losing Captain - G$

LVP - former Worlds #1 and disgraced ex-food czar JC

MVT (most valuable TKE) - Burrows for showing up a day late I think 

DB - The Walrus 

Brother of the week - JJ for coordinating Steve's party

Rosemary Award - Pat Casey and Mark Nardi

WCS Lifetime Achievement Awards - Dug for 2009 Guts video and Guts for never failing to deliver on this trip. 

iMope (Rory) modernizes trip with Golf Genius app 

Charity - $2600 to St. Jude's from YGs

$1000 to starving children from OGs

$360 split to each from iMope & crew scramble winners

Best G$ singles match descriptions:

Koz vs. Dew - "battle of the 3 letter names"

Yux vs. Burrows - "battle of the bulge"

Dudash vs. Grady - "shortest match"

Malcom vs. Casey - "hookers, weed, and oh yeah golf"

Rod vs. Corn - "train wreck"

Best video: YGs golf boys 

Best wardrobe in video: Nate dawg

2016 will be back at WigWam | Litchfield Park, AZ - March 2 - 6 (Grady will order minion to send out calendar invite). Yux planning on a Feb arrival. 

2016 Captains - Kenny and Shims - YGs v OGs - running it back

Random facts you may have missed...

1. Guts declared himself a "one-man party"

2. W3 rules instituted for last 4some of golfing purists (Malcom, Corn, Rod, Casey)

White stakes - get the distance...no re-tee

Water - always drop on the other side closet to the hole

All putts inside 10 feet are good

Using these rules, on hole 11, they shot 8,11,10,9 - a total of 38. Shims shot 34 on the entire back nine. 

3. Yux is first person to ever "snuke" (sneeze and puke simultaneously) before his singles match

4. Yux also putted in from 140 yards when Burrows appeared to be out of the hole. 

5. There is no statue of limitations on DB material

6. Snaps favorite athlete is Bruce Jenner. 

7. Snaps also has libito of 90 year old. 

8. Shims likes his new nickname "gramps"

9. Burrows son: Dad, I think I want to be a comedian when I grow up. 

Burrows: you might as well, your grades are already a friggin joke

10. Dudash entered $52.83 when ATM asked for amount in increments of $20. He is a very successful financial advisor. 

11. Stearns thinks deodorant is for the outside of his shirt 

12. "The user experience on WCS website is terrible" - Brian Grady, CEO of a web design company. He has graciously offered his companies services for $250,000. 

13. Petey kept calling Anthony "TJ" during their match. I would like to make Anthony's name change official. His name is now TJ. 

14. Shims is a devout Christian.

15. Kenny wants to be a star. 

16. "Alright, Alright, Alright" - Matthew McConaStix

17. Kenny is a golfing purist and is fundamentally opposed to cell phones on the golf course. 

18. B Moore is the WCS left-handed Worlds #1 

19. Stix thought wearing a purple Smedium smittyNECK was a good idea. 

20. Nards set a scoring record by beating Petey 9&8. 

21. If the subject of "families" comes up while talking with Stearns, and you have daughters...do yourself a favor and walk away. 

22. The "Salmon Express" is now known as the "Salmon Savages".  They are undefeated and have the belt buckles to prove it. 

23. Laying up has never occurred to Chip

24. YGs were lobbying to double the point total of Friday afternoon matches. They won all 5. Dicks. 

25. Nate / Kenny lose 6&4 to Burrows / Casey

26. Stearns loses his World #1 ranking with 2-1-2 record. Was carried in both wins. 

27. The new Worlds #1 went 4-1 this year. His only loss was to Freegan. 

28. Bisaillon telling the guys in his foursome that the 60 yr old woman just made a great shot. They all start cheering and clapping at her. Next thing the old lady is pissed and making gestures back at them. She actually chunked it in the water. Well played Bisaillon.

A special thanks to:

  • Captains Snaps & G$ for making 2015 a success
  • Nelly for taking care of BBQ on Friday
  • Nards (DM) for taking charge and ordering pizzers on Wednesday and Saturday. 
  • Hilding's for getting golf bags organized on carts for Saturday singles matches
  • Tall Glavin for setting up everything at the resort and for making it easy with his fancy web portal
  • Chip for firing Shims
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