2014 Recap

• JJ - killed a goose

Kenny - was jumped in as all authority Handicap Czar

Stearns - DB 3 peat and HoF 

Stearns is new World’s #1 - ASC reconsidering calculation methodology

Docs - won golf

Zetas - won hijinks

Life size stearns and Leather Vests real co-MVP's

Shims didn't suck at golf this trip

Dudash - Least Improved - but still best hair

LVP: Smitty, Petey, Nutty, and all drop-out mopes

Nardi - Mr. Clean award

Nardi - Hertz award

Nardi - coors light award

Omaha 8 - exposed.  just balls.

Shimakuwi's mom makes great waffles

The Big 3 

Art Cremieux has Bieber fever

Tall Glavin Real Estate can sell some shit.

Chill Life day - July 21st

Yux rents porn

Yux cries on airplanes

Seth travels with summer sausage 

Kenny is good at sand shots

Rick Fowler is a good dresser

Nards - lavaliered April Bridges

Smitty - 0-5 golfing / 0-5 going out

Guts ordered 4 double Guts drinks

Seth / Burrows - "dueling dicks on fat chicks"

Stearns has new "ass whiff" move 

Jakes and Nelly - don't believe in strippers anymore

Freegan - passed out after one sip of beer and a Seth story

Dew plays range balls.  

Stearns - askes Rod for black stripper hook up

Bisaillon folded tent

Stearns - oven jokes prompt Chad the jew to gloss him “Hitler”

Elmer “the sausage king of OH” Hensler stopped by

Nards tried to bang Elmer’s wife

Egan rules from Bully Pulpit

launching of Matt Hilding's state senate campaign

TKE’s are fucking cool.  Except for that Chuck guy who never wore a shirt.

Omaha 8 wrestle-mania.  Expected.

Chip likes to referee in the nude

Z’s kidnap the wrong hot wife.

Z’s afraid of T Walk.

Jen Hilding correctly called JC & Chip “schmucks"

Amy Bisaillon - by far the coolest Bisaillon

Sweets is still alive - Jeff runs nice cartel after all

Stearns told to stay in chair by Security or get tossed from Saddlebags

Fries gets tossed from Saddlebags

Nate hurts Kenny's shoulder at Omaha 8 wrestle-mania 

Koz starts a fight with a 50 yr-old at Federico's burritos at 4am

Jeff still can’t talk…but likes going 3rd person Jeff

Chad the Jew "creamy pants" crash yes cart into tree tossing Shims out

No one loved Scott or Dale.  Mopes.

Egan still in love with his daughters ex-boyfriend.

Egan has pictures on his phone of him…daughter does not.

JJ stayed later than Guts

Guts booked red-eye for Sat. 1AM…exactly…that’s Friday night kids.

Grady was big fan of West Gate…or as he called it “Schaumburg"

Purple wigs never look cool

Koz: "How'd you hit it Malcom?”  Malcom:  "I didn't."  True story…he whiffed

Rod and Chad “creamy pants" ride around for 3 hours with cart girl - rest is history

Stripper asks Stix to buy her a Bud Light Lime.  Stix orders her a Fries and makes fun of her

Shimo dies.  Shims lives

Yux and Egan are Tiger Woods homos

Guts is RICK


Koz steals tip dollars from strip club stage

far too many smittyNECKS are still being worn by fellas

Nudes vs. Nerds proposal

Snaps stayed at country bar by himself because “lead singer was looking at me"

Pat Casey will get jumped in as official "Shenanigans Score Keeping Czar" in 2015

Pat Casey likes the number 87,000

Komar’s wife dresses him

Snaps wore a shirt with buttons that Stearns ripped…never again will we allow buttons

Komar let Shims win on Saturday

Jeff Collins fund:  $2,800.00

Rainbows: $800 plus undisclosed amount from Jeff from captains’ bet


• Egan and Bmoore not the jags they were in college

• Cab revenues down 32% since conclusion of WCS

• Explicit revenues down 92% since conclusion of WCS

• Grady is the CEO bitch!!!

• Watching Nards play Jakes in ping pong is like watching Jordan play with the Wizards. 

• jakes officially takes title from Nards as most athletic FIJi

• Segal first jew to ever donate to charity

• golf by cell phone light is great fun

• Grady looks sexy in his calvin klein underoos. Gave me visions of marky mark (oh shit did i say that out loud?)


• Rod and Segal film new Fiat commercial going the wrong way down a one way street with J-Lo and cart girl

• Never mention 'Alaskan Bush Company ('ABC')' to Stix when all you want to do is go home and go to bed

• ABC will forever have a new meaning

• Guts passing out in between shots after ordering 4 doubles

• Borrowing money from Koz only to have him borrow money back from you 5 minutes later


• Stix- "why do you guys prey on the weak. You know I can't say no."  Said to guts and b at 4 am as they were talking him into doing Jamo shots...This was after B ended the fight I started at the burrito joint. Just like in college. 

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